Let those who pass by the shadows of the tree you have lost be whoever you sow

A pass Like a cloud pervading the vast sky In our minds, there will be a thousand desires. Let’s take a trip to entertain the eyes looking for ways to implement it, friends! Usually, our mind beats as we achieve something in life too. Will we be more involved in something? But there is a reluctance to look at something. Let’s see an example of why this reluctance.rby went to a town. The party was like a forest to see the city. Not even nomadic. It was too boring and a little scary for him to walk on his own. Confused, he ate the fruit he had on hand to alleviate his boredom. When he went like that, he stood around the seed of the fruit and put it down. Thus we passed that town by a way.

Do not think that you can not come back to this city anymore. But time will be idle .. Do not be The situation came to go back to the same city after some time .. Aha .. Frustrated that the city will go. But having no other choice, he reluctantly went back to the same town. But as he went into the city, the surprise began to occupy his mind Little by little, the surprise began to prevail.

Because the town had changed so drastically. Scattered trees .. the shade it gives .. people sleeping under it .. as well as a lot of shops .. the city had changed. He was surprised that this is the town. He did not understand how the forest-like town was so beautiful. Let’s sit under a tree for a while with the same idea. Then a fruit fell from the tree. It was only when he ate it that he realized one thing .. aha, it rang an hour inside him thinking it was the taste of the same fruit we ate for Annie .. alas .. the mind flexed that these were the trees that sprouted from the seed we ate that day.

Life is so enduring .. Do not forget that the moment we hesitate is wasted on no one. What we think is right, wrong, what we do is right or wrong .. but try to act immediately without thinking of anything. Whether it is useful to us or not, it will be useful to someone. Let those who pass by the shadows of the tree you have lost be whoever you sow!



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