The new leader will be born .. Empires will be ground level .. Trembling Nostradamus prediction

The predictions of the French sage Nostradamus for this century have caused a stir. Important among Nostradamus’ predictions was the outbreak of World War III. Nostradamus predicted that this world war would bring about many changes on a global scale and that half the world would perish.

The birth of a new power In the world, a new powerful person can emerge. He may be anti-Christian. May be based on the philosophy of Marx and Engels. This will be a big problem for China and Russia.

This new leader will bring disaster to Asian countries. He will try to use Asian countries. You will get success in it. He may also begin to enslave the nations of the world.

By this leader, Christianity will begin to disintegrate. And he may be anti-Islamic. His plan may be to create a non-religious state. He can act like Hitler.

The growth of this leader will be at an astounding pace. The nations of the world will not be able to oppose him and will retreat. He can push his opponents back and come to the top.

The last pope to be elected in this century may have been a Frenchman. He may have blue eyes. He may also be a mysterious man. Physically he may also have some defects. An ancient Roman tomb will be found before his selection.

Catholicism will perish this year. This religion will be destroyed by the power struggle between the religious leaders. This will lead to many changes in the Middle East as well. The Arabs may turn these changes to their advantage.




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Praveen Kumar Chandran

Praveen Kumar Chandran

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