Mystery story behind the movie ‘EYES WIDE SHUT’!

The movie ‘Eyes wide shut’ was released in theaters after Warner Bros. production company removed the footage which appealed to Kubrick to remove it.

It is widely believed that director Stanley Kubrick was assassinated in his final film, Eyes Wide Shut, for identifying the Illuminati’s sinful community and key points in it.

Stanley Kubrick is the most amazing man on the IQ test with 200 points. Each director will have a unique style in directing the film. But without getting caught up in such a short walk, Kubrick is the one who has captured the minds of the people as an unpredictable director.

Neil Armstrong first successfully landed on the moon in 1969 aboard the Apollo Lunar Model Eagle! That pride belongs to the United States. But it was considered by some to be untrue. Kubrick co-directed the space film ‘2001: A Space Oddesy’ in 1968.

So many rumors were circulating in the air that NASA had called the space research center Kubrick and told him to direct a false video of humans landing on the moon so that Kubrick was upset. Kubrick was rumored to have implicitly stated many facts in his psychological thriller film ‘The Shining’ as an explanation for the problem.

Although the film was adapted from the novel, he made several changes to the story and directed the film ‘The Shining’. Many critics have written about the events that took place in it, comparing what happened to Kubrick at NASA. Despite the controversy, Kubrick planned to direct a film in his 70s. Titled Eyes wide shut, the film, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, was also the subject of various controversies.

Dr. Bill Harford moves to a new city with his wife and children. There his friend Victor invites Bill to a party. Going there, Bill gets angry when he sees his wife dancing with someone else. Meanwhile, Victor calls Bill to come to his room fast, where Bill sees a woman who is intoxicated!

Doctor Bill saves the woman and leaves, advising her not to take drugs anymore. When he gets home, he hears his wife dancing with someone else that night, to which he tells his wife that he had fallen in love with a naval officer in the past and that he thought she could leave her husband, Bill, and her child that day and go with him.

Depressed, Bill goes to a liquor store. There he meets his childhood friend and musician, Nick Nightingale. To tell Nick of his mental anguish, Nick tells Bill about a secret show he’s about to go to. Nick tells Bill where he is coming from and a password to let him in as he insists on coming to the show himself. Following that, Bill goes to the secret show, buying masks that night. It is a place of sexual pleasure. The Illuminati are the ones who run it! What happens to Bill there is the rest of the story.

The film was produced by Warner Bros. Kubrick shows it to the producers when the film is complete. The production company that saw the film is going to be shocked and scared. He does not give up on telling Kubrick that he will face many problems as a result. Appealing to Kubrick to delete some scenes in the film did not work. Kubrick was stubborn, but the news that Kubrick had died of a heart attack in his sleep one day as the debate continued shook everyone. In the film industry, it is considered a huge loss.

Beyond all that, Tom and Nicole, who starred in ‘Eyes wide shut’, were in a state of panic. They avoided meeting journalists for some time. They could not easily pass on Kubrick’s death. Later, Warner Bros. released the movie ‘Eyes wide shut’ after removing footage that the production company had appealed to Kubrick to remove. To this day the deleted scene in it remains a mystery.




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